// Become A Messenger

Fundamentals of the Gospel

Lesson Outline

  1. There are five fundamentals to the gospel. Knowing the basics is essential for every believer and helps us as we share the gospel with others.
    1. Creation: God created us in His image. We were created to be in relationship with the Lord.
    2. Sin: Sin separates us from God. We have a sin nature and our choices separate us from God.
    3. God’s love and forgiveness: God still loves us even though we sinned. God had a plan for redemption. He sent Jesus to die for our sin and we can be saved by faith.
    4. Man’s response: Man cannot work his way into heaven. We need to confess that Jesus is Lord and believe he paid the price for our sin.
    5. Temporary or Eternal reward: Immediately when confess Jesus as Lord, we are justified by Jesus and have eternal life. But we also experience the benefits of his Spirit working in us in this life.


Activation Steps

  1. Memorize the five fundamentals of the gospel.
  2. Set a reminder in your phone to share the gospel next time you go shopping!
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