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Understanding Secularism

Lesson Outline

  1. We need to understand that we live in a secular, post-christian culture which is opposed to the ways of Jesus.
  2. Secularism believes there is nothing transcendent to the world. Secularism argues that to find your true self you have to liberate yourself from government, religion and family. Finally, secularism elevates individualism and dictates that individual purpose and happiness is the most important achievement.
  3. Christians have begun to be highly affected by secularism. It has moved us from faith to doubt, love to insecurity, community to individualism, contributing to consuming and from rest to exhaustion.
  4. In this age, to follow Christ we must turn from our allegiance to culture and fully give Jesus our allegiance.

Activation Steps

  1. Can you identify areas in which secularism has influenced your thinking and actions more than the culture of Jesus?
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