Lesson Outline

  1. The Bible is one of the greatest catalysts to an ever growing relationship with Jesus.
  2. The author is always present when reading the Scriptures. We can ask God to reveal Himself as we read.
  3. We will experience transformation as we come under the authority of Scripture. The commands of the Lord and the authority of Scripture are not burdensome, instead they bring joy and abundant life.
  4. Our experience in the Bible is deeper when we seek first hand revelation. Second hand revelation is wonderful cannot compare with something we have learned directly from God.


Activation Steps

  1. If you haven’t read the Bible cover to cover, do it and immerse yourself in God’s storyline.
  2. Read 10 chapters a day and get through the New Testament in one month. Do this for 6 months and get the stories and truth ingrained in your heart.
  3. Spend 3 months in one book, read it over and over, study commentaries and let it’s message go deep in your heart.
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